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COPD is a progressive lung disease characterized by persistent airflow limitation or obstruction and an inflammatory response of the airways and lungs. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are considered to be classes of COPD. The nature of a patient's bronchial inflammation can vary widely and symptoms may overlap among the different types of COPD. Smoking is most often the cause of COPD, but other causes may include genetic factors, exposure to dusts or chemicals and frequent lung infections.

Bluewater Clinical Research Group is committed to contributing to research that may help or improve the lives of individuals suffering from COPD. We are actively enrolling patients who suffer from multiple COPD flare ups for clinical research trials. Do you suffer from COPD flare ups? Have you had to go to the emergency room or see your doctor due to a COPD exacerbation? If so, please contact us using the form below for more information about volunteering for a COPD research study.

To find out more, or see if you may qualify, please provide us with your contact information and one of our enrollment facilitators will be happy to get in touch with you. As everyone has different schedules, we may even text you to set up a good time to talk.

Clinical research studies can have varying criteria to participate in them. We will be contacting you to discuss the inclusion and exclusion criteria for this study to help us determine if you qualify and if the study may be a good fit for you.

Have you visited your doctor or the emergency room in the last year due to a COPD flare up?
Did you require antibiotics or steroid treatment in the last year to treat a COPD flare up?
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