A Family Physicians Personal Review of the tPSA


With permission from a Family Physician and member of the SGFP Exec. This is his/her personal opinion, not that of the whole Exec.:

I resonate with the frustration that is now a common thread in each email.

Many physicians are reluctant to trust OMA board members with their proxy vote. We could offer family physicians the names and email addresses of four members of the SGFP executive as a designated proxy holder if they want to vote NO and four different members for a YES vote. This can be done easily and quickly and ought not to need OMA central input.

We are divided in our hopes for this upcoming general meeting.

A NO vote for me means:

-I will not consider the “economic climate” when a patient sits in front of me trusting that I will do everything that I can to take care of them.

-I have absorbed a 29.5% decrease in net income since 2011 (OMA economics department data) to help reduce the deficit from $15.3B(2011/2012) to $5.7B(2016). The Ontario debt continues to climb to over $300B. (Ontario now has the most debt of any non-sovereign nation). It is unlikely that we will see no debt in our lifetime. We are here due to: years of waste of taxpayers’ dollars(Pan-am games, Ontario pension plan etc.), bad spending on scandals, the recession of 2008, and direct subsidies to corporations (2006-2011). How much of this am I to be responsible for?

-If the government cannot pay it’s healthcare bill then there needs to be a redo : two system healthcare or.....
I cannot afford to pay this bill any longer.

- I know that this tPSA gives the government stability and predictability for healthcare. It doesn’t matter how many times the OMA says it, I know this deal does not give me stability and predictability to pay my bills. The numbers in this tPSA are inadequate. I cannot be the sole party responsible for overuse of the system. The government and patients are equally responsible.

- Co-management for me means that the OMA no longer has my back. They are supporting the government in its clawbacks. (call it modernization)

-A NO vote for me means we are drawing a line in the sand and saying to the government “NO more abuse”. And when the government pushes back, as they will, I will continue to say NO more, and I will push back.

This is my NO summary of the tPSA.