Nocturia is a term used to describe waking from sleep during the night to urinate. For some people, this can be caused by the body over producing urine during the night when you are sleeping. When urine volume occurring during the night is greater than 20% - 30% of the total urine production during the day and night, then the nocturia is caused by a condition called Nocturnal Polyuria.

Nocturia can be debilitating to live with as it can create chronic sleep impairment. Without a good night’s sleep, all aspects of health can be affected and quality of life can begin to decline.  

Bluewater Clinical Research Group is actively enrolling for a clinical trial for patients who suffer from nocturia, due to nocturnal polyuria. If you or a loved one wake up more than twice each night to urinate, you may qualify to participate in this study.

To find out more, or see if you may qualify, please provide us with your contact information and one of our enrollment facilitators will be happy to get in touch with you. As everyone has different schedules, we may even text you to set up a good time to talk.

Clinical research studies can have varying criteria to participate in them. We will be contacting you to discuss the inclusion and exclusion criteria for this study to help us determine if you qualify and if the study may be a good fit for you.

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