Our physician and nurse practitioner partners are vital to linking Sarnia- Lambton patients to research projects.  We are always interested in speaking with partners to expand the benefit of research to your patients.



Family Physicians                                                  Rapids Family Health Team

          Dr. Ajayi-Obe                                                           Dr. Boyle

          Dr. Bartlett                                                               Dr. Lau

          Dr. Buckton                                                              Dr. Pearson

          Dr. Putter                                                                 Dr. Soeder

          Dr. Schlebusch                                                        Melissa Georgiou, NP

          Dr. Vornberger

          Dr. Borek

          Dr. Clifford

Twin Bridges Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic

Valerie Winberg, NP

Diana Walls, NP


Specialist Physicians

Dr. Ali, Cardiologist

Dr. Al-Saadon, Internist practicing in

Dr. Andrew, Cardiologist

Dr. Cornila, Internist

Become a Partner

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