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+18 months

Impetigo (im-puh-TIE-go) is a common and highly contagious skin infection, caused by bacteria, that mainly affects infants and young children. It usually appears as reddish sores on the face, hands and feet. Over about a week, the sores burst and develop honey-colored crusts. Sores can spread to other areas of the body through touch, clothing and towels.  

Treatment with antibiotics can limit the spread of impetigo to others. It is best to keep children home until they're no longer contagious — usually 24 hours after beginning antibiotic treatment. You might be exposed to the bacteria that cause impetigo when you come into contact with the sores of someone who's infected or with items they've touched — such as clothing, bed linen, towels and even toys.

Bluewater Clinical Research Group is currently enrolling participants ages +18 months who have a current impetigo infection.

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