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Overactive Bladder in Men


Overactive Bladder is a condition characterized by a problem with the bladder's storage function. It is an involuntary contraction of the bladder muscles that causes the sense of urgency and sometimes the involuntary loss of urine, known as incontinence. People with OAB may experience urgency, incontinence, experience difficulty controlling urges, urinate more than 8 times per day and wake frequently at night to urinate.

Not surprisingly, these symptoms can interfere with daily activities and often cause people to adjust their plans to meet their needs, such as limiting social life. There are a number of different factors that may lead to an overactive bladder, such as, neurological disorders, poor kidney function, medications that increase urine output, urinary tract infections, excessive caffeine or alcohol consumption and bladder tumors or stones. Bladder flow can also be obstructed by an enlarged prostate or constipation.

Bluewater Clinical Research Group is currently enrolling male participants age 45+ with symptoms of Overactive Bladder.

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