About our clinic

The Mission Behind Our Clinic

Bluewater Clinical Research Group is one of the largest Canadian clinical research companies and the passion of three Sarnia Family Physicians.  By participating in clinical research, patient volunteers help to identify new treatment options for various medical conditions.

Dedicated team with leading edge technology

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of Physicians, Registered Nurses, Research Coordinators, and Research Facilitators who provide leading edge clinical research to the Sarnia-Lambton area. We work with Family Doctors, Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, and their patients, as well as interested public volunteers, to conduct high-integrity clinical research.

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Vital workers to our team

Physicians We Work With

Our Physician and Nurse Practitioner partners are vital to linking Sarnia- Lambton patients to research projects.  We are always interested in speaking with partners to expand the benefit of clinical research to your patients.

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our mission, vision & Values

Our Work is Heavily Shaped by Our Core Values


To advance medicine by conducting leading edge clinical research and provide our volunteers with the highest quality of care.


To be at the forefront of clinical research and advance medical knowledge for present and future generations. Making all of our volunteers feel welcome and appreciated by creating a warm and friendly environment leading to an exceptional experience.


Ensuring integrity by maintaining patient safety, health, confidentiality, and overall well-being. Caring for our volunteers to allow them to feel valued, appreciated, and respected. 


Respecting the scientific method of research processes by holding ourselves to the highest ethical standard and ensuring the safety of our volunteers.

Our Experience and formation

Our History & Where We’ve Come From

Bluewater Clinical Research Group has it's origins with three local Family Physicians, who are also engaged in advancing medical knowledge and medical care by conducting both ethical and high-quality clinical studies.


Certified Doctor

Dr. Michael O’Mahony opens his practice.


Clinical Study Management

Dr. Michael O’Mahony begins working with TMG for clinical study management.

2005 – 2012

Top Enroller

Dr. Michael O’Mahony received individual Investigator “Top Gun” award from TMG for being the top enroller.


Bluewater Clinical Research Group got started! 

Dr. Michael O’Mahony, Dr. Sean Peterson and Dr. John O’Mahony join together to create Bluewater Clinical Research Group Inc.

2018 - 2020

Top Gun Award

Bluewater Clinical Research Group receives “Top Gun” award from TMG for being the top enroller.


Not Slowing Down

The Research Group has completed over 300 studies, worked with over 3,000 volunteers, and had over 30,000 clinical study visits.

our connection

Are you Eligible to Participate?

We would love to hear from you!  Want to learn more about clinical studies in general or wish to explore whether you would qualify for a specific clinical study? Connect with us today!


Read what our participants have to say about their experience

Participants within your community have become contributors to leading-edge clinical research.

“I've been involved in many studies and have always been treated wonderfully.”

All of the staff are very kind and helpful. I've been involved in many studies and have always been treated wonderfully. I definitely recommend you see if you qualify for any studies that are currently in the works.

Alisa V.

“A research team that cares”

Always appreciate the help I get from all the staff. A great place to go.

Cheryl M.

“The staff at the clinic are incredible”

They make you feel comfortable and they always make themselves available to answer any questions.

Lori M.