Clinicial Trials

What is Clinical Research?

A clinical study is a research study that investigates the safety and efficacy of a medication, medical strategy or medical device. By exploring medical strategies, research studies can help to determine which medical approaches work best for particular people or illnesses.

Studies within your Community

Getting Involved

Clinical Studies bring awareness to people about the cause of a disease and its effect on their overall health. Being involved in a clinical study improves participants' overall health independent of their arm of randomization. It also helps patients to find effective treatments to improve quality of life as well as a chance to try new innovative medications that are not yet available on the market.

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More About Studies

Clinical studies are integral to furthering the treatment options available for various conditions. These research studies explore the safety and efficacy of different treatments and devices, and also medical strategies or approaches. Clinical studies involving humans come after a long and vigilant research process. Clinical research advances our medical knowledge, as well as patient care. We take the utmost pride in ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality of care.

Reap the Rewards

Benefits of Participating in a Study

Advance Medical Care

Helping to advance the horizon of medical care

Increasing Awareness

Increasing awareness of your medical condition

Staying Connected with Your Healthcare

More frequent touch points with healthcare providers

Contributing to Research

Contributing to research that will benefit future generations

Access to Advanced Medication

Access to advanced medication that are not yet available on the market

Helping Your Community

Helping those with the same medical condition

Our Experience and formation

How it Works

Understanding the process is beneficial for you. There are a few steps before you get started with a study.

Bluewater Clinical Research Group has it's origins with three local Family Physicians, who are also engaged in advancing medical knowledge and medical care by conducting both ethical and high-quality clinical studies.

Get InVolved
Step 01

Connect with a Study

Patient identifies a potential study they are interested in or are contacted by their family physician or nurse practitioner regrading a study. With the patient’s consent, their information is passed along to Bluewater Clinical Research Group.

Step 02

Have an Appointment

You are contacted and an appointment scheduled to come in and meet with the facilitator and Investigator to discuss the study. Within the appointment, consent is reviewed and all questions answered. You will take home the consent form for review.

Step 03

Deciding to Participate

You'll need to sign your consent form if you wish to participate. You will return for a screening appointment where we will review your medical history, complete a physical examination, measure vital signs, process questionnaires, and possibly draw bloodwork, complete imaging, or take an electrocardiogram.

Step 04

Eligibility to Participate in Study

Based on the screening results, your eligibility to be enrolled in the study is assessed. If deemed eligible, you will be randomized to either a treatment arm or a placebo arm. You will also receive a diary to record your treatments and possibly-related symptoms. You will be provided with the interventional treatment or medication. You will return to Bluewater Clinical Research Group for regular visits to review effectiveness and symptoms related to the study.

Step 05

Participated and Completed Study!

At the end of your involvement in the clinical study, you will be thanked, and a follow-up letter sent to your Primary Care Provider summarizing your care during the clinical study.

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Are you Eligible to Participate?

We would love to hear from you!  Want to learn more about clinical studies in general or wish to explore whether you would qualify for a specific clinical study? Connect with us today!


Read what our participants have to say about their experience

Participants within your community have become contributors to leading-edge clinical research.

“I've been involved in many studies and have always been treated wonderfully.”

All of the staff are very kind and helpful. I've been involved in many studies and have always been treated wonderfully. I definitely recommend you see if you qualify for any studies that are currently in the works.

Alisa V.

“A research team that cares”

Always appreciate the help I get from all the staff. A great place to go.

Cheryl M.

“The staff at the clinic are incredible”

They make you feel comfortable and they always make themselves available to answer any questions.

Lori M.