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Migraine is a recurrent headache disorder, marked by moderate to severe pain and a variety of symptoms that vary by individual. Migraines may be triggered by several different factors, including but not limited to, stress, menstrual periods, fatigue, strong odours, head trauma, and foods containing particular chemicals, such as nitrites. Migraines may be treated with acute and preventive medicines. Acute medicines are for immediate pain and symptom relief, while preventive medicines are taken regularly to prevent the occurrence of migraine headaches.

Bluewater Clinical Research Group is currently enrolling a clinical trial involving a Neurotoxin Complex or an oral medication for the prevention of migraines. We are looking for participants aged 18+ who suffer from at least 6 or more migraine days per month. 

To find out more, or see if you may qualify, please provide us with your contact information below and one of our enrolment facilitators will be happy to get in touch with you. Clinical research studies can have varying criteria. We generally have a few questions that help us determine if you qualify and if the study may be a good fit for you!

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